New journey of bone conduction headphones 2018.01.11

In recently , Jiang  is  vice president of City University  of Hong Kong,   as the director of research center of advanced structural materials in Hongkong ,the former French National Academy of Sciences and technology , French national legion of honor (order of chivalry),  Fan Fuqing is president of  Beasun  Group ,they are communicated with the company's products, technology and intellectual property etc.

  As we know that he was admitted to Peking University in 1978 and gained a scholarship and went to France in 1979, and as the head of the senior engineer and laboratory  in CETIM from 1986 to 1994, . From 1994 to 2005 served as professor for University of Technology of Troyes and as the director in the University of Troyes in France (CNRS) , in 1999 he won a youngest professor in engineering and machinery by the National Committee. From 2005 to 2010, as a professor in engineering of City University Hong Kong , from 2010 to 2013 ,as the director in science and engineer of City University Hong Kong ,Since 2013, he is the Vice Chancellor of the City University Hong Kong in charge of scientific research and mainland affairs, as well as the dean of the graduate school.

The research scope include aerospace materials, nanomaterial preparation and so on . The chief scientist of the EU project, which was once appointed by eighteen companies and universities, including Airbus, EADS, SNECMA, ABB, FIAT.  As the visiting chief scientist of Shenyang Institute of metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology Beijing,  as the professor in Nanchang University and some other universities . The research results are published in 350 papers, including Nature (cover article), Science, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Materials Today, Nature Communications, PRL, Communications, etc. In 2006,he won Knights cross in France, and was selected as academician by French National Academy of technology in 2011, and became the first Chinese academician in nearly three hundred academicians. In 2017 ,he won a  National  Medal which is high level by french government .

It is understood that Professor Lv has been engaged in academic research in France for more than 27 years,  He can speak French fluently. He highly appreciates the spirit of egalitarian VB in France and advocates the freedom of Science in the field of science and art. He will continue to explore spirit of innovation and exploration,. In the future he will give a guidance on some technical of materials and safety performance.  

Through the meeting , jiang had further know about Beasun Group,and understand that how to enjoy the healthly  Life , in future we hope we can established a business relationship with each other ,especially in product technology, intellectual property and other aspects of the cooperation will be a breakthrough, we hope to set up  research institutions with  City University Hong Kong and University of Jinan ,  ready to contribute to health data of innovation strategy .