Donated Beasun bone conduction headphone GY2 to Can you Group 2017.11.10

In recently,Beasun visited to Can You Group to donated the bone conduction headphone to people who are hearing lost .




In order to help people who hearing lost and can not afford the high cost to get  hearing aid to deal with the difficult in daily life. As the reporter said ,old people who hearing lost unknown reason are mainly group, so most of people back to normal life ,but there are many people who are unable to move freely  live alone . In addition to their impact on the quality of their lives, hearing impairment may lead to accidents when they are not aware of the danger in time.




Compared to the ordinary bone conduction headphones and hearing aids, GY2 is the lasted and hot sell bone conduction headphone , and got a Quality certification of Military. In addition to set your ear free to enjoy sound and also having a global intercom and precision positioning and other development features .

Zheng Weining the president of Can You Group said :communicating  better and working on product line between the divisions and the headquarters by using the GY2.Having global intercom and precision positioning we will more safer when staff out to work in the future.



What is the most important that it can remove the noise by its technology, so that people who are hearing impaired can hear more clearly , so that they can communicate with others and integrate into society.This is a unique means that the technology cannot copy in currently market, and they won’t  have a negative psychology of wearing hearing aid ,because of the fashion design.


Beasun staff also taught disability people how to use it,Let them intuitively know how to quickly use Beasun GY2 to achieve the effect of hearing aid,  to make the most of it. Until now, there are many people who hearing lost get a benefit from Beasun GY2.


Given bone conduction headphone for disability  people to listen the word again and sharing by Beasun staff and the Can You Group volunteers in that day.