You cannot miss the Beasun bone -conduction headphone at the High-Tech Fair 2017.11.09

The 19th high -tech will be held in convention and exhibition from November 16th to 21th in ShenZhen,Beasun booth is located in one hall 1D50 of Tech & Product exhibition area,and will display the lasted bone conduction product to enjoy the magic headphone and feel the intelligent life.

In the past , people think that it is only way to enjoy music by your ear,  there are many accident happen in recently years , because the people can not hear the sound from outside or some ear disease what people overuse the ear, Now, with technology of bone conduction , the human skull as the media to achieve the transmission the sound. Which has subverted the way of listening ,I hardly to find word to describe the magic feeling,so visit to high -tech fair and join us to experience the magic technology of beasun bone conduction. 

We know that the high-tech is held by MIIT,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, and People‘s Government and so on in ShenZhen. This is the most influential  has the famous brand  with top one Fair in  China tech ,and gathered here to show  advanced technology and outstanding achievements from all overseas  companies.As the only qualified in producing in military bone conduction and wearable devices . BEASUN will display the latest  bone conduction bluetooth headphone-- BEASUN GY2  with authority of the quality level certification and the implantation of a new generation dipper chip at the Fair . The highly acclaimed headphone will display  at the exhibition site at the same time. 

Accept the experiencing,The technology of bone conduction subverted the traditional impression . Beasun not only overcome sound leakage and poor quality in most of bone conduction on the market , but also obtained the patent with utility patents,not only set your ear free to enjoy music is superior to the traditional ear and headset, but also make it more suitable for sports, outdoor activities and daily life . It is our goal to make advanced and high-tech products from user’s  way of thinking and outsides.


Meanwhile ,beasun bone conduction headphone has a special function ,accept the hearing aid , as the sample of GY2 ,according to the requirements   in daily life , Beasun  designed  GY2  with more convenient and humanistic and there is a special funiction of Global intercom  and precise positioning. We can not find any bone conduction  headphone with such functions on the current market. the sound quality close to the HIFI . In fact, not only suitable for  people who do sport,loving music and bicycle marcher,but also can family communicating ,business meeting and special rescue, we got a trust from customers with these special function .



We can ignore that There are special function in beasun bone conduction headphone , coming to 1D50 to enjoy the exciting  moment with us on 16th in these month in thhe High-tech Fair  , beasun bone conduction headphone  to create a different listening experience for you.