BEASUN Bone Conduction Headphones May Open a New Chapter in the Field of Application 2017.10.25

Recently, Huang Junyu, the President of Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (HKFEW), with his wife, Yang Ronghua, Chairman of the Hong Kong Ronghua Charity Foundation came to BEASUN, and they launched a special meeting with the President Fan Fuqing. During the talks, they were surprised in and interested at the special way for listening after experiencing BEASUN bone conduction headphone series products. Huang Junyu marveled at the forthcoming BEASUN bone conduction headphone GY3 with the function of flash memory, whereas Yang rong-hwa favors the forthcoming GZ series bone conduction headphone with the function of hearing aid.


Yang Ronghua, Fan Fuqing, Huang Junyu and his wife (from the left)

Huang Junyu, the chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (HKFEW), gained the Bronze Bauhinia Star, Medal of Honor and the Justice of the Peace. Huang said that the practical meaning of the GZ series Bone conduction headphones BEASUN developed outdistance the normal bone conduction headphone with single function. Many of the troubles of hearing impaired people are from their own, and only to help the people with hearing loss to solve their troubles due to hearing disorders can we help them re-establish the confidence of life, remove tag people have labeled on the hearing impaired groups, let them really have the right to enjoy the fun of life on equally. At the same time, for the bone conduction Bluetooth headset new BEASUN GY3 BEASUN will launched soon, he gave the high expectations.

He said that with the continuous advance of urbanization, because of the younger-age trend of the 3C products using and the improper using habits, more and more students have suffered different eardrum injury. Now young people like to turn the sound really loud when watching TV or listening to MP3MP4. However, because of the development of young people is not complete, it is easy to cause eardrum injury, hearing loss. Moreover, when using the in-ear headphones for a long time, if young people do not pay attention to clean up the ears of health, it leads to accumulation of dirt in the ears, thereby increasing the probability of ear lesions.


Fan Fuqing, Huang Junyu (From the left) 

In his view, the use of BEASUN bone conduction headphones can be a good way to avoid these situations. This special way of listening is necessary to be popular in the existing educational equipment, so that more students can use it. In addition, BEASUN GY3's flash memory function can be a good helper for students to learn, such as learning English listening, the storage of information and other learning needs, which can be done through BEASUN GY3.

Huang Junyu pointed out that the bone conduction technology is an important step for the intelligent hardware in the direction of the educational applications. In the future, with the expansion of the blueprint for intelligent education, the BEASUN bone conduction headphones will not be confined to the sports field, and it will play a more important role in educational applications.

And over the years, the the founder and chairman of Hong Kong rong-hwa charity foundation, rong-hwa Yang has been acting for student, free clinics, schools, hospitals, donors and so on, which were beneficial to Hong Kong and the mainland populace. And he also led the foundation do some services for the mainland children in poverty-stricken areas for many times, such as giving stationery, sports shoes, winter to feather coats, scarves, hats and gloves, rice and clinic service. Nowadays, with the aging of the social population, the group of people with hearing impairment is increasing day by day, and the foundation is more concerned with the plight of the deaf. Rong-hwa Yang said, as the aging population is more and more obvious, the foundation will cooperate, in the near future, with BEASUN deeply. And with BEASUN’s forthcoming GZ series bone conduction headphone with the function of hearing aid, they will  provide an effective hearing solutions for the deaf groups positively to help the people with hearing loss get rid of the plight of life.