First Strike Edge, BEASUN Made Its Stage Post in Beijing 3E Exhibition and Gained Remarkable Effect 2017.08.09

On July 10, 2017, the Beijing International Consumer Electronics Show ("3E Exhibition"), which has invited the BEASUN Group, was successfully concluded at the Beijing National Convention Center. The exhibition is focusing on the "Science and Technology Life Products Expo, Interactive Entertainment Experience and Creative Industry Incubation", and showing the state-of-the-art of science and technology industry to the world in the field of consumer electronics, and provide high quality and high technology enterprises in good and bad market and technical exchange and trading platform.

This exhibition not only brings together nearly 100 mainstream media, including CCTV, Sohu video, Tencent, NetEase news, Phoenix information, ZOL, PConline and other strong media’s attention and reports, but also attracted exhibitors business from more than 10 countries and 300 regions, such as Google, Patriot, Suning, ofo, Huawei, BEASUN and other industry giants and leaders. The number of site professional audiences reached 30,000. This exhibition focused on display of artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware and software, AR / VR equipment, service robots, smart home and things such as scientific and other technological innovation products.

Beasun exhibition met the interest and attention multi-media and audience.

The BEASUN Group--an intelligent wear and intelligent technology enterprises, which sets their own design, research and development, production and sales in one and showed extraordinary talents in the Expo. As a rising business star, BEASUN Group, in the exhibition, is favored by the organizers in particular and gained 108 square meters booth area, although adjacent to Huawei and other industries, the popularity of the Beasun did not lose to Huawei.

According to the booth staff, the BEASUN Group's bone conduction sport headphone has been stationed into the Gome, Suning, Jingdong, Tmall and other flagship store. However at the scene, those products were still gained enthusiastic pursuit of professional visitors in the exhibition show. Only with one day, al lthe bone conduction sports headphones Beasun brought to the exhibition site ware sold out. There were some people who cannot promptly snapped up the products at the show after experiencing the product and directly find the corresponding model on the flagship in the internet and bought the products. For the BEASUN GY2, which is going to be mass production, many viewers and intelligent equipment sales service providers expressed their expectation that the GY2 should, as soon as possible, go into the market for users to bring more gospel.

Beasun exhibition the scene atmosphere turn out to be very irritable.

According to medical information, that when the human ears hear the volume of more than 85 dB for a longer the time can cause hearing loss; when the volume up to 110 dB or more, which is sever enough to make the human ear hair cells died, and even can cause irreparability hearing impairment. Headset volume output is generally about 84 decibels, and some high-frequency range can reach 120 dB. This volume has a great stimulating effect on the ear nerve; and if someone listen in such situation for a long time, it will cause hearing loss and even permanent deafness and neurasthenia.

In recent years, cause the the proportion of accidents caused by the harm the headphone brought to the hearing system continues to rise, people can not help but think that is there, on earth, such a kind of headphone that could set free their ears and allow them to enjoy a better music quality? In this fair, BEASUN group with its bone conduction headphones BEASUN GY series, BEASUN GZ series, BEASUN GS give the users a perfect answer.


Dr. Zhang Jingan, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, visited the BEASUN booth


In addition, BEASUN also successfully attracted the attention of the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Zhang Jingan. He marveled at the BEASUN bone conduction sports headphone after he having experienced the products. Dr. Zhang said that in our country, the proportion of the youth who like to listen to music is rising currently, but this has, generally, different damage on most teenagers . On the contrary, China's aging is also more and more serious, and more elderly groups are also suffering the amblyacousia, hard of hearing and other situations. It have to say that the function of bone conduction headphones is obviously in the of hearing protection. BEASUN’s flexible application on bone conduction technology is a kind of thinking that worth learning for all innovative technology companies, and its bone conduction headphones give users a different listening experience and set off a hearing revolution!



It is known that BEASUN Group predecessor was established in 2006, which is a large enterprise groups of diversified development in the information industry, and it is now involved in mobile health, intelligent digital, intelligent wear and other fields, and accesses to a number of trademarks and patents. Under the supporting of China's Development Fund, adhering to the "innovation and technology to lead the healthy future" concept, relying on the depth of cooperation established with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other scientific research institutions, and through application of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other cutting-edge technology, BEASUN has launched a series of intelligent health (such as Bei Xiaoxie series fitness equipment), bone conduction series, intelligent digital series (such as fast charge mobile power) and other products. The Group itself is keeping up with the development of the times; It has continuously enriched the self-product system and introduced the large data analysis system to establish the BEASUN eco-ecological circle, and is committed to providing more and more meticulous service to the global users.