BEASUN Strong Settled in CEEC--A Different Kind of "Geek" Attitude 2017.08.09

Recently, BEASUN Group and the China International Consumer Electronics Exhibition/Exchange Center (hereinafter referred to as CEEC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in UpperHills to determine the country's first intelligent wear equipment and bone conduction headset anchor store -- BEASUN anchor store, which officially settled in the CEEC of UpperHills LOFT.

BEASUN anchor store, as a intelligent wear and intelligent technology experience sales center,which takes high-tech, intelligent and differentiation as the core, located on the seventh floor of CEEC of the UpperHills project in Futian District, Shenzhen City, and the sale center covers an area 523 square meters, which will be officially opened in October this year. From that time, all walks of life will be able to experience the BEASUN’s "black technology" products for a whole year.

The current anchor store in CEEC is mainly built by the international and domestic first-line consumer electronics brands, designed to combine the world-class team with the forefront of science and technology of electronic products, and through a unique product display and scene-style experience to provide the general public a different consumer electronics life experience.

The BEASUN will be assigned to one of the anchor stores of the CEEC, and BEASUN, through the simulation of the scene of the intelligent wear and life system, creates the first set of intelligent equipment and bone conduction headphones experience sales center in Shenzhen. In the anchor store of BEASUN, you can not only feel the smart watches, smart abdomen and other intelligent wear black technology products, but also in advance experience the latest bone conduction technology headphones, such as the BEASUN GY1, a kind of cost-effective product that is highly sought-after among the youth, and the BEASUN GY2, which is praised as the "perfect headphones" in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to overcome the shortcomings of bone conduction headphones that the sound quality is inferior to traditional high-end headphones, the BEASUN laboratory repeatedly improve in this section so that the sound quality of BEASUN GY2 will be more close to the original sound. In addition to meet the users’ demands which are to enjoy  wonderful music in high noise environment anytime, to call with and understand each other clearly, the use of intercom needs, and it also has unique global intercom, precise positioning and other expansion functions.

"Geek" is the transliteration of American slang "geek". With the rise of Internet culture, this word contains the meaning of the intellectual superiority and effort, but it also represents the most cutting-edge and the most preeminent group in a certain industry. BEASUN Group has always been committed to become the industry leader and uphold the corporate vision that "let everyone can enjoy the exclusive health of life management services".


BEASUN Group Chairman Fan Fuqing introduced that, since the 80s of last century, the Shenzhen Municipal Government and enterprises have never stopped the pace of innovation and development to get rid of the label--"cultural desert". As one of the many Chinese enterprises, BEASUN’s entering in CEEC reflects that we continuous efforts to explore, go forward and  improve the ultimate experience of life for the Shenzhen and even the national community to enjoy.

In addition to BEASUN, with the innovative atmosphere, CEEC also gathered in the leading brands at home and abroad in the consumer electronics industry, including OPPO, Huawei, Konka, ZTE and so on. CEEC overcomes the short board of the traditional consumer electronics stores, such as crowded disorder, poor experience and less product categories; CEEC brings the whole people a new experience.

CEEC, as a cooperative construction project with the name of the country of the National Ministry of Industry and Information and the Shenzhen City, aims to create a “five-in-one” world-class consumer electronics trading center which root in Shenzhen, service in nation, and face the world and integrates the new release of high-end consumer electronics, exhibition, user experience, investment negotiations, cooperation transactions. With nearly 170,000 square meters of business linkage with Shenye UpperHills, CEEC will work together with a number of consumer electronics vendors on the platform to emerge greater energy and lead the future of intelligent lifestyles.

The completion of China International Consumer Electronics Show Trade Center can help boost the modernization of Shenzhen international innovation and urban construction and international consumer center construction, and further enhance the Shenzhen electronic information industry in the global influence and speaking right, to help "Shenzhen Design" better to go out and to promote the concentrated development and spillover development, and to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Huaqiang North shopping district in the direction of high-end.


Mr. Fan Fuqing, chairman of BEASUN Group, said innovation is the style of BEASUN and the fundamental driving force for the continuous development of BEASUN. BEASUN convinced that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Therefore, BEASUN will continue to persevere in the concept of innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, product innovation. At the same time, BEASUN also hope that through the BEASUN anchor store in the CEEC , more users understand the BEASUN and BEASUN.