Life is full, Persistence,Thanksgiving to the Life

There is living with a family where a remote mountain village in Fuan city, Fujian province,.As a Fan Zhongyan descendants, surrounded in the peaks and valley made a living by producing tea , due to its alpine climate and geographical conditions and dew natural environment, the tea taste is more delicate rain dew natural environment, without fertilization.

Fan Fuqing was born in the beautiful country scene,accompanied by a tea in a young growth , working hard.Tea tradesmen brought tea what the lower price from people through hard work by hand for quality tea ,when I heard their teas are packaged in a top Taiwan Oolong tea, Dong Ding tea and award-winning, all mind-opening Fan Fu Qing was determined to get out of the mountain and create a new world for his family.

  • As long as the persistent heart,,there is success, Fan Fuqing was admitted to a key University with high honors major in materials engineering, and minored in computer programming. After graduation to join the "China first street" HuaQiang North, decided to start business.

    The long breeze ride the waves a meeting sometimes., he always maintain high growth rate of the electronics industry far exceeds industry standards.Mr.Fan Fuqing with keen of commercial vision, since 2009 , he always maintain high growth rate of the electronics industry far exceeds industry standards. from electronic industry stand out, eatablished phone accessories market, when Nokia sold well he became a level dealer, then in Samsung swept global he became a core dealer Samsung , in 2010 This is Beasun first time transformation and upgrading And opened phone accessories field of development and research,in 2012, Beasun established special technology development institutions, set up owned factory, and introduced more article technology 2013, Beasun established in partnership with CAS a Beasun’s laboratory, Beasun has also been awarded after research independent. In 2014 , the full series intelligent wear equipment came out.In 2015, again transformation upgrade,Beasun full into intelligent health field,as a subsidiary ShenZhen FeelCat electronic Ltd, Co released a first double intelligent watches. The Reservation number is 3000 units in first day . It show has strong of strength, With innovative technology and market tremendous repercussions caused by the capital market attention . With the time goes by, and step by step in the journey to win and prosperous. In 2016,he merged Beasun brand to create one brand,business focused, shares reform,and Establishment of R & D, production and sales of Beasun Group, Beasun stands out in the market,it is not just product itself ,.enterprise culture more important ,Introduction of creative talent, Under the banner of the company's brand and adhering to the " full authorization" flat modern management philosophy .Beasun is flourishing in the storm.

  • For the origin of the "Beasun" brand, there is such a story.Mr. Fan Fuqing is very concerned about the young entrepreneurs,there is a partner of girl, every time after delivery will be paid later than others,Mr.Fan Fuqing understand that business is difficult and never give her a reminder like other supplier ,later knew that she was a student of the Beijing Institute of Technology, InIn order to provide tuition fees, and she also to subsidize the cost of the life to her brother and sister , Mr.Fan Fuqing had been deeply touched by the girl . He hope he can do something for the girl , He decided to give first supply,and pay the cost of the product when she sold out, in order to ensure her cash flow. In a few years of cooperation, they gradually become brother and sister. Soon the girl is going to graduate from college, with hard pioneer accumulated tuition decided to go abroad, to achieve more ideal. Fan Fuqing was pleased to be able to help such an ambitious young man. Inspired by the spirit of the girl, in order to fulfill his wish, in 2006 Fan Fuqing create the "Beasun" brand, on the one hand, Beasun is a blessing, I hope everyone can be well, ; on the other hand he hope that it can bring people warm , hope,healthy, and light like a sun.

  • Small step add up the thousands,and never forget the beginner's mind, Fan Fuqing actively contribute to the community, he sponsored and employed a large number of disabled employees,Considering of disabled groups. production and some categories of e-commerce operations outsourced to disabled persons with disabilities of the Friends Group factory . Let the residual friends get decent income found them more value。In 2016 ,Fan Fuqing by virtue of outstanding contributions in the welfare of persons with disabilities, was elected as Vice President of ZhengWeining Charitable Foundation.He is determined to carry out the public welfare undertaking in the end.

  • As always,Mr.Fan Fuqing support for young entrepreneurs,He taugh them with many of venture experiences to young people Who arefull of passion and courage . During 2014 to 2015 Fan Fuqing repeatedly are invited by Zhongshan University and other well-known school organizational entrepreneurship forums and lectures, let the students know the latest intelligent technology to understand true story of entrepreneurship,and entrepreneurial experience process, to help them avoid detours. In 2014 Fan Fuqing was hired as the entrepreneurial mentor of Jinan University, As a entrepreneurial mentor atJinan University Science Park. ;In 2015 as a visiting professor at Jinan University of materials.Ten-year journey, intelligent technology become a new milestone, All team will continue to work hard and open the door to health future ,anything is possible.

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